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E Cig Coupons and Reviews

There is a need to have a balanced and unbiased look at some of the companies that are offering coupons and discounts for their Electronic Cigarettes. What is on, what is a good deal, what is a great saving, where is it available, what is the validity period? Matters such as delivery period and shipping cost should be taken into consideration.

With the barrage of offers and deals all over the possible visible places, a customer would be confused about the best deals.

The ECCR (Electronic Cigarette Consumer Review) has some interesting updates on most Electronic Cigarette companies’ coupons as well as any product information.

Here is a look at some coupon codes:

1. Blu Cigs: 10%, 15% or 20% plus free shipping. “Vapor Is The New Smoke’ Blu E Cig is a company that has confident in its products and takes pride in having the best E-juice or E-liquid, which is made within the USA. Blu cigs has many other great discounts.

2. Green Smoke: Nicknamed Vapor monster, it is said to exceed expectation. They are offering 15% discount on all Green Smoke E-cig Starter kit purchases, coupon code: ECCR15 as well as 5% discount on one’s entire order, coupon code: ECCR5
3. Atlantis: 11 % on any vapor purchase, 20% off first Magic Mist purchase. There are other offers from Atlantis as well.

4. Halo: 15% off all Halo purchases. Coupon code: Cybersale. There are also numerous coupons and great offers on some of the renowned Halo electronic cigarette products.

5. Apollo: 20% discount on all Apollo products. Recommended- Endeavor Kit and Valiant Kit as well as gift certificates for an amount of one’s choice. Apollo is also offering a free disposable kit (with USA-made liquid) to new users

6. Henley: 15% to 20% reduction with many purchases. They have several other products on offer as well. This sophisticated company has products that range from very expensive to moderately costing. They have gone a step further to make e-cigarette products that have an artistic touch. Their flavors are created by the world’s top flavor artists. Some of the flavors are

1) Samba Sun
2) Dagon Scape
3) Hedon’s Bite and others

7. Vaporfi: Get 12% off all hardware with Vaporfi, who we consider to be the top brand on the market today. To find the best deals, checkout the Vaporfi coupon code website.

8. V2 Cigs: A close second to Vaporfi would be V2 Cigs. They’ve been in the industry for a long time and have some of the most notorious deals that come around seasonally. For the best options, see V2 E Cigs Coupon Codes – the best V2 Cigs discounts.

With the wide choice of coupon code discounts offered by manufacturers and dealers, it is up to the user or potential new comer to decide what to choose. Shoppers should make informed choices and decide on what coupons give them the best value.

E cigarette companies that show interest in their customers’ needs will take their time and explain product use and safety applications if any are required. Giving out discounts should not be the only criteria when rating a company. Shoppers should also watch out for ‘dumping’ make sure that they are not buying expired goods or goods approaching their sell by dates. Unscrupulous businesses may sometimes give huge discounts by way of coupons but only for a certain segment of their products that may be approaching expiry dates. If a shopper is aware and still decide to make the purchase, it is alright; the problem would be when there is hidden information or failure to disclose a fact such as expiry date of a product.

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